Our lightweight glass fiber painter mat ensures a smooth wall surface and offers an ideal base for color coatings. JM sliver provides a sophisticated look while our specially coated polyester spunbond equals walls.

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Sliver produced in Europe for wall coverings.

Evalith® C-glass staple fiber sliver is made of individual fibers with a defined fiber diameter and different fiber lengths. The products provide optimized uniformity, high volume and excellent strength, which improve product properties significantly.

700px Building Interior Wallcovering C-Glass Staple Fiber Products-Fabrics Europe
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Glass nonwovens wet laid produced in Europe for wall coverings.

Evalith® types for wall coverings are nonwoven webs composed of glass fibers oriented in a random pattern and bonded together. The products have the distinction of dimensional stability.

700px Building Interior Wallcovering Glass Mat Paintermat Europe
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Synthetic spunbond nonwovens produced in Europe for wall coverings.

Evalith® 333 is a mechanically- and binder-bonded continuous filament polyester nonwoven, manufactured using spunbond technology. It can be used, modified with a specific coating, for equalization of walls and floors.

700px Building Interior Wallcovering Polyester Spunbond Surface Equalization Europe
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