Gauntlets and Pockets

For traction batteries, we offer acid resistant polyester spunbond nonwovens with good separating properties and for tough industrial batteries, our special polyester spunbond nonwovens with superior strength and excellent flexibility are an excellent solution.

Our engineered polyester spunbond nonwovens for gauntlets in stationary and traction batteries are providing high stiffness, good physical stability, a superior uniform porosity and good electrical properties combined with high durability and outstanding corrosion resistance.

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Synthetic spunbond nonwovens produced in Europe for gauntlets and pockets. Recommended products: Evalith® 021

Evalith® 021 is a thermally- and binder bonded continuous filament polyester nonwoven with a point-emossed surface, manufactured using spunbond technology. It is well suited for the production of gauntlets for lead acid battery applications.

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