Insulation Materials Designed for Aesthetic Applications

As building designs trend toward open ceilings and exposed duct work, designers are frequently faced with a major challenge: finding an insulation that meets codes and system specifications and is also aesthetically appealing. 

At Johns Manville, we are commited to the details that matter to you. We offer a wide range of insulation materials that not only provide a number of performance benefits to fit your requirements and needs, but are also designed with attractive finishes for aesthetic applications.

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HVAC Insulation

Microlite® Black PSK

Microlite® Black PSK Formaldehyde-free™ duct wrap offers excellent thermal control with the added benefit of a black-coated PSK facing that is ideal for aesthetic applications.


Microlite® White PSK

Microlite® White PSK Formaldehyde-free™ duct wrap offers superior thermal performance and condensation control in a lightweight, blanket-type insulation with a white PSK facing.


Microlite PSK Duct Wrap Seaming Tape

The Microlite® PSK Duct Wrap Seaming Tape is designed to provide a vapor barrier seal on JM’s PSK-faced Microlite duct insulations. The tape is offered in white or black to match the two color offerings (white and black) of our PSK-faced Microlite duct insulations. 


Mechanical Insulation

Micro-Lok® HP & Micro-Lok HP Ulra

Micro-Lok® HP & Micro-Lok®​​​​​​​ HP Ultra fiberglass pipe insulation is manufactured using the latest technology and our unique in-line manufacturing process that results in a uniform fiberglass core. This delivers consistent performance during fabrication and installation. In addition, our proprietary auto-jacketer ensures consistency during production and installation resulting in a tighter jacket with a cleaner finished appearance. 


Zeston® 300 Series PVC

Zeston® 300 Series PVC fitting covers are manufactured from a glossy, high-impact, UV-resistant material. Our wide range of products and accessories enable the contractor to design, fabricate and install a complete system with a quality finished appearance. 


800 Series Spin-Glas®

800 Series Spin-Glas® equipment and external duct insulation provides a broad range of solutions to meet your unique application needs. The breadth and depth of our product availability includes plain, FSK, AP (ASJ), or Ultra (poly-top) faced board, where the facing acts as a vapor retarder. 800 Series Spin-Glas board is easily fabricated for an excellent finished appearance on duct and equipment systems.



OEM Office Interior Products

John's Manville's Office Interior Products provide excellent sound attenuation and absorption that can be integral to improving building occupant comfort . With a collection of products in a large array of sizes, densities and thicknesses, we can furnish you with an acoustical insulation solution specific to your unique needs. JM’s wall and panel solutions provide both sound attenuation and absorption for effective sound abatement, as well as fire resistance.


OEM Master Fabricators

Master Fabricators Page | Johns Manville maintains strategic alliances with best-in-class independent fabricators who specialize in the fabrication of Johns Manville's OEM products. We are proud to partner with this select group of companies that share our unwavering commitment to consistency, performance and quality. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in optimizing solutions for diverse industries, such as HVAC, Appliances, and Office Interiors assures the quality of your work.


OEM Engineering Portal

The Engineering Portal is where you will find the technical product information you’re looking for. You can use this portal to compare product specifications, locate master fabricators, and download tools designed to help you select the best material for your application. You’ll even find details on our product sustainability and applicable webinars.



Explore Facing Offerings

JM offers a variety of facings on our insulation materials to ensure you have the components you need to deliver a high-performing system. From foil scrim kraft (FSK) to our poly-top facing (Ultra), our materials have the versatility you need
to deliver.


Explore the latest design trends and how insulation has evolved to meet the growing demand for aesthetic applications in our on-demand webinar, Insulation Systems as a Design Element. 

Hosted by Mike Cagle and Sean Reynolds 


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The Source is where we house the latest information on industry trends, insights, and continuing education opportunities. This is a resource built specifically to aid you in your professional development. Explore our webinars, compare specs, and follow our blog.