Mineral Wool V-Grooved Pipe Insulation

Same great performance. Lower costs and reduced carbon emissions.
JM gives you options. We manufacture two flat-shipped, v-grooved industrial pipe insulations that deliver the same excellent thermal performance as our mandrel-wound insulation. Because these v-grooved insulations are shipped flat, they can help you cut transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions. 


All our MinWool-1200® insulation products require about the same amount of time and labor to install. And all of these products can ultimately pay for themselves in heat savings and carbon reduction over the life of the product. 

MinWool-1200® Pipe vs. Field-Formed Pipe
Compare the installation differences

Limited jobsite storage can make any project a logistical challenge. JM’s MinWool-1200® Field-Formed and Precision Cut Pipe Insulation ships flat to the jobsite and is easily and quickly transformed into round, hinged pipe sections.

How quickly?  Watch the video now to see a head-to-head comparison of the installation time for both materials. 

Download the Product Data Sheets:
MinWool-1200® Field-Formed Pipe  |  MinWool-1200® Precision Cut

From specification to installation, we’ll help you find the answers to frequently asked MinWool-1200® Pipe Insulation questions. 

Johns Manville manufactures four types of MinWool-1200 pipe insulation:
1.   MinWool-1200® Pipe Insulation (mandrel-wound)
2.   MinWool-1200® Preformed Pipe (v-grooved)
3.   MinWool-1200® Field-Formed Pipe Insulation (v-grooved, flat-shipped)
4.   MinWool-1200® Precision Cut Pipe Insulation (v-grooved, flat-shipped)

This FAQ will help answer some common questions about these four products and help you choose the right pipe insulation for your specific job.

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