What Tools And Equipment Do I Need?

The right tools and equipment make your insulation project go faster, smoother and more safely. Refer to this checklist to make sure you have everything you need before getting started.

  • Tape measure for measuring the insulation and the area being insulated
  • Straightedge such as a yardstick or 2x4 for cutting insulation
  • Utility knife for cutting insulation
  • Stapling tool for attaching faced insulation or polyethylene vapor barrier to framing or studs
  • Putty knife or screwdriver for forcing pieces of insulation into small places
  • Caulking gun and caulk to seal floor and ceiling plates and other gaps through which air may flow
  • Dust mask to minimize temporary irritation from breathing airborne particles
  •  Safety glasses or goggles to protect eyes from airborne particles and other potential hazards
  • Loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt; long pants; and gloves to help minimize skin contact with insulation
  • Sturdy work boots for protection from insulation dust and equipment hazards

Here are the tools you will need separated by project type. Print the one that matches the project you are completing and bring it to the store with you when you go to purchase your insulation to make sure you grab everything you need in one trip.

Installing Around Objects

Installing Batts and Rolls in an Attic

Installing Blow-In

Installing in Crawlspaces

Installing in Floors and Ceilings

Installing in Walls


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