GoBoard Pro Sealant

GoBoard Pro Sealant

Product Descriptive Name
Waterproofing Sealant and Building Adhesive
Product Short Description
GoBoard® Pro Sealant is a moisture curing sealant that provides tenacious adhesion to GoBoard and other common building materials. 

Product Details

GoBoard Pro Sealant

Product Long Description
GoBoard® Pro Sealant is a moisture curing sealant that provides tenacious adhesion to GoBoard and other common building materials. Use GoBoard Pro Sealant to waterproof GoBoard joints and fastener penetrations and adhere GoBoard to itself and other building materials. Because it contains no solvents or isocyanates, GoBoard Pro Sealant is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and exhibits minimal odor.


GoBoard Pro Sealant


Moisture Curing Skins over quickly allowing for same day tile installation. Skin formation time will be faster with higher humidity and temperature.

Permanently Elastic Allows for 25% joint movement when installed per GoBoard instructions

Long Term Weather Resistance Non-yellowing, non-corrosive, VOC Compliant; ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25 or better.

Waterproofing Sealant and Building Adhesive Excellent for both interior and exterior applications, no sag formulation bonds to a variety building materials including; metals, plastics, concrete, wood, foams and ceramics.


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GoBoard Pro Sealant Installed


For use with GoBoard Tile Backer and GoBoard Shower System. Bonds to a variety of building materials including metals, plastics, concrete, wood, foams, and ceramics.

For waterproof GoBoard installations, generously apply GoBoard Sealant or GoBoard Pro Sealant to all joints and fastener penetrations ensuring there are no gaps or visible pin holes.

When sealing GoBoard joints, ensure there are 1/8-in gaps between all boards and completely fill with sealant.

Spread excess sealant over all joints and fastener penetrations providing approximately 1 inch of coverage on either side of joints and around fastener penetrations to produce a water tight tiling substrate compliant with ANSI A118.10.

Because GoBoard Pro Sealant is moisture curing, the skin over and cure times will vary depending on humidity, temperature and confinement. For detailed instructions, please visit the documents section above. 

When stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity, GoBoard Pro Sealant can be used up to 18 months after the manufacturing date as indicated the born on date listed on each cartridge or sausage. Do not store at elevated temperatures.



The GoBoard product line includes Polyiso foam board panels, a versatile shower pan kit, and essential tile backer accessories that when installed as a system, can qualify for a manufacturer limited warranty. Need help with one of our products? Contact us with your warranty questions, or download the warranty certificate in the documents above.