Environmental Product Declarations

At Johns Manville, we offer comprehensive assessments of the environmental impact of our products called Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). An EPD accounts for the energy consumption and energy savings throughout entire life-cycle of a product, from the raw material acquisition to the disposal of the product once it has been removed from the application.

These are reports that designers and specifiers can use to determine the net environmental impact of the materials they specify in their building designs. As we move toward creating greener buildings, EPDs are a crucial tool to determining the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products to specify. They are also a necessary component for many energy efficiency certifications, like LEED v4 credits.

The UL EPD certification mark indicates that UL has independently reviewed and certified the manufacturer’s environmental impact disclosure that constitutes the EPD. For more information, visit ul.com/epd.

Mechanical Insulation Board

EPD library for fiberglass board insulation.

OEM Insulation Board

EPD library for fiberglass OEM insulation boards,

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

EPD library for jacketed and unjacketed fiberglass pipe insulation.

Duct Liner Insulation EPD's

EPD library for fiberglass duct liner insulation.

HVAC Equipment Insulation

EPD library for fiberglass insulation for HVAC equipment.

PVC Jacket & Fitting Covers

EPD library for PVC jacketing and fitting covers.

Roofing Systems EPD's

EPD library for Roofing Systems.

Building Insulation Fiberglass

EPD library for building Insulation fiberglass

Mineral Wool Insulation

EPD library for mineral wool insulation

Foam Board/Continuous Insulation

EPD library for Polyiso foam continuous insulation boards