JM Peak Advantage Contractor Program

There Are Perks To Going The Extra Mile.

As a Peak Advantage® Contractor, you'll gain unrivaled access to tools and services all designed to help you gain productivitiy, raise your expertise and put you in a stronger competitive position. From training courses to destination conferences, professional recognition and technical support, the Peak Advantage program is designed to elevate your business and your reach.

Program Levels

Take It To The Next Level.

Our Peak Advantage program consists of four levels, starting with Peak, going up to Summit Club, climbing to Pinnacle Council, and finally reaching 5280 Council. As members qualify for higher status, their perks and benefits also increase with each successive level.

Each year, members who reach Summit Club, Pinnacle Council, and 5280 Council will get the opportunity to enjoy luxurious travel - Staying at exclusive resorts, 5-star hotels and going on premium cruises to amazing destinations.

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Learn. Train. Grow.

We offer robust training opportunities designed to help you grow your business. In over 40 years, more than 60,000 roofing professionals of all levels of experience have been educated on the latest installation techniques and system knowledge. In addition, we offer On-The-Road training workshops - hands-on instructions and tours of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

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Special Discounts

Enjoy The Perks Of Being A Pro.

We are pleased to offer the Peak Advantage Co-Op Buying program. Our members can save significantly on business-related items and services; the program has helped members save over $7 million on essentials like tools, health insurance, cellular services, and more.

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