How JM’s Corbond® Spray Foam Line Keeps Getting Better

The dependable, high-quality line of JM Corbond® spray foam products is now even better. How is that possible, you wonder? We’ve got a new product, plus an updated feature to our existing open cell SPF.  All said and done, this makes Johns Manville an easy choice.

HYOC: Welcome to the product line
JM Corbond High Yield Open Cell (HYOC) Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is the newest product to join the lineup. HYOC is the same Corbond formula you know and love, while offering the highest yield of any JM Corbond open cell product.

With HYOC, you can average 20,000 board feet per set. And like all JM spray foam products, it provides superior sprayability and Corbond’s well-known low odor. HYOC SPF is designed for interior commercial, residential and industrial applications.

“HYOC is a new constant mix open cell SPF formula that maximizes yield by 18% as compared to JM’s standard open cell SPF formula that requires no mixing,” said Tom Calzavara, Sr. Manager, Spray Foam and Field Technical Services for JM. “We are pleased to add this to our line of high-quality spray foam products.”

SPF with no mixing required
If you’re most interested in speed of application, then you’ll be excited about an updated feature for our standard Corbond open cell spray foam – it’s all no mix.

That’s right. Forget mixing for 20-30 minutes prior to spraying. You can skip the step completely, as it’s no longer necessary, making Corbond open cell even better.

“After analyzing all the data that we’ve gathered, our engineers determined that our current open cell formula is robust enough without having to mix it prior to use,” Calzavara said. “This is a great advantage to our customers, as it’s even easier to use.”

Support behind the product
Whether you’re using the new HYOC product, no-mix open cell spray foam or our closed-cell products, JM is here with support and training. There’s a reason JM’s TechConnect team has the tagline “Online, on call, onsite,” because our experts are ready to help whenever the need arises.

JM stands behind its products, retaining a portion of every batch of SPF for the shelf life of the product to ensure quality. If an issue is reported, JM techs can spray the batch themselves and quickly identify whether it’s a chemical blending issue or a manufacturing/application issue, which speeds up root cause analysis. TechConnect reps can help identify if there is an issue with environment or substrate, or a mechanical or application issue.

Additionally, we offer the Advanced Spray Foam course, which provides value for all to improve the professionalism of spray foam manufacturing and application. New to the industry manufacturers, as well as those who have been spraying for years, find value in the course.

“These folks are the manufacturers of the product. They’re not just sprayers,” Calzavara said. “We want to offer as much value as we can, which is part of what makes our spray foam such a top-notch product.”

Visit our SPF Resource Page to learn more about all JM Corbond products and our Techconnect Page to learn how you can receive technical support for every project from our JM experts.