Choosing Life Cycle Costs over Initial Costs

When designing your next project, what is your end goal? Are you designing based on initial costs or the resiliency of a building? If you are looking for either, we have the solution for you. Between our single ply commercial roofing systems and our multi-ply roofing systems, we have solutions that are economical, speedy, and offer protection. 


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When designing for resiliency, we are your one stop shop. Our latest approval for FM's Very Severe Hail (VSH) rated system was just announced to the market. By installing an adhered TPO system using DensDeck® StormX™ Prime cover board and ENRGY 3® polyiso over a steel deck, you can design your building knowing that you have one of the best commercial roofing system that may protect your client's assets from hail damage. You can learn more about the assembly and advantages here.


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A hybrid roofing systems gives you the best of both worlds. These systems include bituminous plies and a thermoplastic membrane cap sheet. Using these systems allows you to achieve the durability that comes with a bituminous roofing system along with the advantages of a highly reflective roof. Learn more about these system assemblies here.


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Johns Manville has been a leader in the commercial roofing industry for 162 years. You can depend on us to be there when you need us. Did you know that JM offers 20, 25, and 30 year guarantees? Ask us about our 30 year guarantees on select EPDM assemblies and other systems.