JM Doubles Down on One-Sided Application

We heard from so many of you about your success with our single-sided wet lay-in application of our TPO water based adhesive and the time efficiencies you gain while using it in the field. The demand for the same one-sided wet application was obvious.

We are excited to double our impressive water based line with JM’s new PVC Water Based Membrane Adhesive. JM PVC adhesive spreads farther than the competitors’ water-based adhesives, that means more squares per bucket and more money in your pocket.

It covers better, it’s easier to install. As with our TPO Water Based Adhesive our PVC Water Based Adhesive features a color change indicator. Out of the can it is ready for one-sided wet. You can use the easy color change indicator when using this as a 2-sided adhesive when applied in a vertical application.

Expect the same great vertical green strength as the TPO product in the same two-sided application only.

To save you money we have included improved spreadability into every bucket so it goes farther. This means you buy fewer pails and have fewer to haul to the roof too. Try our new JM PVC Water Based Adhesive nationwide starting April 15th, 2020.

water based img 995x200