Johns Manville EPDM Tape Primer Plus (Low VOC)

Johns Manville is excited to inform you that we will be launching a new and improved primer for EPDM. JM EPDM Tape Primer Plus (Low VOC) will be stocked and available for sale on July 29th, 2019. This new primer is designed specifically for EPDM applications and will now feature “tack-back” for easier detail and flashing applications. The existing JM Single Ply Primer (Low VOC) can still be used for EPDM applications as needed and will continue to be the membrane primer for TPO applications. Below are the new part numbers and packaging.

JM EPDM Tape Primer Plus (Low VOC) 3 gal – SKU #70006263

JM EPDM Tape Primer Plus LVOC 1 gallon - 4/BX – SKU #70006264