JM Launches Curved Segment Calcium Silicate

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Johns Manville (JM), a leading global manufacturer of energy-efficient building products and engineered specialty materials and a Berkshire Hathaway company, announced today that it will release Thermo-1200™ Curved Segments, the latest addition to its Thermo-1200™ calcium silicate product line, in February of 2019. Curved Segments are segments of Thermo-1200™ that are cut on a curvature to match the radius of a large-diameter pipe or vessel. They can be used as an alternative to QUAD and HEX pipe sections.

Senior Industrial Product Manager Jack Bittner explained that JM developed Thermo-1200™ Curved Segments because engineers want an insulation solution for large-diameter equipment that will offer tighter joints at the insulation seams.

“When we’ve discussed material needs with our customers and engineers, we have frequently heard that the industry needs a product for large-diameter pipes and equipment that offers a tighter, more precise fit than scored and v-grooved calcium silicate block. Thermo-1200™ Curved Segments do just that. They are specifically designed for pipe sizes ranging between 30” and 126,” he said.

Thermo-1200™ Curved Segments are 6” wide by 36” long sections of water-resistant type I calcium silicate.

Jeff Semkowski, Industrial Portfolio Manager, described the differences between Curved Segments and QUADs/HEXs.

“Each of these types of Thermo-1200 will perform as specified, so the real difference is in how the material is installed and when it’s available. There may be a labor advantage when using QUADs and HEXs because there are fewer pieces to install,” he explained. “However, the edges of each Curved Segment are butted squarely against each other, which makes for a tighter fit around the vessel. While all three forms of insulation will offer the same insulating benefits, some specifiers may prefer the butted joints of the Curved Segments to those of the QUADs or HEXs. Additionally, Curved Segments are typically available with shorter lead times, around 2-3 weeks, whereas QUADs and HEXs are typically on 6-12 week lead times.”

The Thermo-1200 Curved Segments meet the same water-resistant requirements as the rest of the Thermo-1200 product line. Additionally, the Curved Segments offer the same thermal performance and compressive strength as the Thermo-1200™ pipe and block.

For more information, read the Thermo-1200 Curved Segments data sheet on the JM website.

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