Insulation Energy Appraisals: The Economics of Insulating for Energy Savings

An Insulation Energy Appraisal provides a data-backed analysis for facility/plant managers and owners to better understand how a properly selected, specified, designed, installed, and maintained mechanical insulation system can save money and enhance system performance. Whether the appraisal includes a system, a mechanical room, or the entire plant or campus, it will clearly illustrate the value of mechanical insulation.

For more than a decade, the National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) insulation appraisal process quantifies the amount of energy and dollars a facility or process is losing with the current in-place insulation system and demonstrates how more efficient systems could:

  • Save energy;
  • Improve process control and efficiency;
  • Reduce fuel costs; and
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment through reduced emissions.

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