Save Money And Energy With Pipe Insulation

Once insulation has been installed on a mechanical pipe system, it can be easy to fall into the out-of-site-out-of-mind mentality. After all, if you can’t detect any obvious issues, your system should be operating just fine, right? Perhaps, but it’s important to realize that even after installation, pipe insulation will need regular inspection and maintenance.

As a system ages, the risk for damage increases. This damage can lead to mold growth, energy loss, corrosion, and damage to the pipes themselves. Even if the maintenance is being performed regularly, inspectors may fail to reinsulate a pipe once they have removed the insulation for maintenance, or the system may not have been installed or designed with optimized efficiency in the first place.

A seemingly minor oversight can ratchet up energy and maintenance costs right under your nose. So as you start to take a closer look through the insulation in your mechanical room and consider your system design to optimize energy efficiency and process control, be sure to keep an eye out for a number of pitfalls that can lead to decreased performance.

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