Research & Development

At Johns Manville, we love nothing more than a good challenge. By continuously pushing ourselves to create the next innovation, we optimize our portfolio of products to make diverse environments stronger, more durable, more energy efficient and comfortable. This not only strengthens our leadership position across the industries we serve, it ensures that we’re able to meet your ever-changing needs and challenges. Without such a strong commitment to research & development (R&D), many of our products would never exist. For example:

  • We were the first to introduce Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass insulation, which we’re                 now manufacturing by using a binder technology made primarily of rapidly renewable           materials—common and fast-growing agricultural plants.

  • Our state-of-the-art extrusion technology is delivering higher-quality, more consistent           EPDM roofing membrane sheets. 

  • JM Invinsa's high density, closed-cell forumulation introudces a new level of roof             system protection and performance. 

  • On the Engineered Products front, JM has pioneered an engineered reactive glass                          fiber for improved performance in Structural Thermoplastic Composites.

  • Partnering with FunderMax, we have developed m.look, which replaces the                               cellulose-based papers used in current compact facade panels with a non- inflammable             alternative. 

  • By revolutionizing the nonwoven glass mat process, we're able to deliver surface                          smoothness, permeability and performance requirements while allowing the                                elimination of a classical surface coating. 

  • Bringing innovation to pool and spa cartridge filtration performance, our C-Clear®                       polyester spunbond nonwoven mats enable quick removal of fine dirt particles while                   maintaining good flow. 

Not to mention, our wide range of custom-engineered solutions is further proof that whatever your needs are, we’ll engineer a solution that delivers the benefits you require.