GoBoard Seam Fabric

GoBoard Seam Fabric

Product Descriptive Name

Sealant Finishing Fabric for Tile Backer Board Seams
Product Short Description
GoBoard Seam Fabric is a lightweight, point-bonded polyester non-woven that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of all GoBoard products.

Technical Data Sheets

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GoBoard Seam Fabric

Product Long Description
GoBoard® Seam Fabric is a lightweight, point bonded non-woven that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of all GoBoard products. When used with GoBoard Tile Backer Board and GoBoard Wedge, installers can expect increased tensile strength at the joints and in the change of planes. Get to tile faster using GoBoard Seam fabric due to superior adhesion between GoBoard Pro Sealant and thin-set mortars. And best of all, there’s no need to wait for the sealant to skin over.


GoBoard Seam Fabric


Alkali resistant

Improved shear bond strength (30%+)

Increased Joint strength (50%+)

Shortens the time to tile


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GoBoard Seam Fabric Installed


Provide increased joint strength in the change of planes by over 50%, and you can being tiling right away.

  1. Install GoBoard with GoBoard Fasteners or GoBoard Washers per the installation instruction making sure to leave 1/8-in gaps between all boards and transitions.
  2. Fill all joints with GoBoard Pro Sealant and spread excess sealant approximately 1.5-in on either side of joints.
  3. Cut GoBoard Seam Fabric to required lengths using a scissors or a utility knife. Continue on with next 3 steps.
  4. Place strip of GoBoard Seam Fabric over wet GoBoard Pro Sealant.
  5. Using a clean putty knife, set seam fabric into sealant using gentle sweeping motion. The sealant should not pass through the fabric. 
  6. Begin tiling.



The GoBoard product line includes Polyiso foam board panels, a versatile shower pan kit, and essential tile backer accessories that when installed as a system, can qualify for a manufacturer limited warranty. Need help with one of our products? Contact us with your warranty questions, or download the warranty certificate in the documents above.