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Polyiso Roof Recover Board 
Product Short Description
SeparatoR provides an economical solution for mechanically fastened single ply membrane recover applications while adding thermal insulation value to your building.

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Meets the requirements of ASTM C 1289, Type II, Class 1, Grade 2

Closed Cell Polyisocyanurate Foam Core: Provides high R-value per inch, light weight, and flexibility in recover and metal retrofit applications

Glass-Reinforced Facers: Provides rigidity and resistance to indentation and crushing for mechanically fastened single ply membrane systems.

High R-Value (2.8 R): ½" SeparatoR Board has more than two times the R-value of wood fiber or gypsum boards. 



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Re-roofing mechanically attached or ballasted insulated single-ply systems now have the potential for recycling versus contributing to a landfill.

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