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Protective perlite-based cover board or low-thermal insulation board proven to reduce blistering in hot-asphalt applications.

Meets the requirements of ASTM C 728, Type 1

TopLoc® Coating: Top surface is sealed with this special coating to reduce excessive asphalt absorption in hot-asphalt applied roofing systems.

Expanded Perlite: Provides good dimensional stability, excellent insulation value with stable R-value and fire resistance.

Low Thermal Insulation Board: Composed of expanded perlite, reinforcing cellulosic fibers and selected binders.

Reinforcing Cellulosic Fibers: Consists of recycled newsprint to provide strength to the board as well as high recycled content. JM utilizes third party certification by UL® Environment to certify the recycled content and contributes to the LEED Materials and Resource (MR) credit 4.

Hot Asphalt Friendly: Protective cover board or low thermal insulation board proven to reduce the tendency for blistering in hot asphalt applications.



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Recycled Content

UL Environmental Claim Validation

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