ENRGY 3 CGF - Flat and Tapered

ENRGY 3 CGF - Flat and Tapered

Product Descriptive Name
Polyisocyanurate Roof Insulation 
Product Short Description
ENRGY 3 CGF is a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core with an inorganic-coated glass facer on each side. It offers high R-value per inch and achieves a UL Class A approval in select systems.

Product Details

ENRGY 3 CGF - Flat and Tapered

Product Long Description


ENRGY 3 CGF - Flat and Tapered


Meets the following requirements:  ENRGY 3 CGF / Tapered ENRGY 3 CGF    • CAN/ULC S704, Type 2, Class 3 (140 kPa)    • ASTM C 1289, Type II, Class 2, Grade 2  ENRGY 3 25 PSI CGF / Tapered ENRGY 3 25 PSI CGF    • CAN/ULC S704, Type 3, Class 3 (170 kPa)    • ASTM C 1289, Type II, Class 2, Grade 3

Inorganic Coated Glass Facers: (With no cellulose) Provide improved resistance to mold growth, as well as a smooth surface that performs well with self-adhering systems, and efficient adhesive application in fully adhered single ply systems.

Closed Cell Polyisocyanurate Foam Core: Provides high R-value per inch in built-up, modified bitumen, metal roof and single ply roof systems, and utilizes an environmentally compliant blowing agent that provides high thermal insulation performance.

Fire Resistance: Achieves UL Class A approval directly over a combustible wood deck up to 1/2:12" slope.



Project Sugar

Against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains’ Front Range, commercial real estate developer Trammell Crow Company (TCC) transformed 70 acres of farmland into an industrial park. All new infrastructure—roads, electricity, water, sewage—was put into place before a massive 818,300 square foot roofing project was constructed.

TPO Big Box Job

With today's current economic status, supply chain is a common issue across the country. For this 23 acre job in Florida, Johns Manville and Barber and Associates worked together to defy supply chain issues to meet the project deadline.


The GSA Bannister Project

This was one of the largest commercial roofing projects in Kansas City at around 13 acres.  The past system was a cold tar pitch roof that was not a tapered and needed serious design attention to replace it new JM SBS roof system.


Marcus High School

The Marcus High School reroof project came about because the previous system was damaged by hail. The contractor up for such a large project was Martin Tomlinson Roofing, and they installed a two ply bituminous system made by Johns Manville.

Pikes Peak

This job's unique location on top of Pikes Peak gives testament to JM BUR system's ability to weather the most intense of climates. Discover the products used and the excellent craftsmanship of Superior Roofing.

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Re-roofing mechanically attached or ballasted insulated single-ply systems now have the potential for recycling versus contributing to a landfill.

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