Low-Slope Roofing for Controlled Environmental Agriculture Buildings

Food production is evolving. Solutions to address water shortages, weather interruptions, and cut down on transportation/waste are being addressed, in part, through vertical agriculture installations. As part of this trend, vacant buildings are being retrofitted to house growing facilities for leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, cannabis, and more. Controlled environmental agriculture, often called CEA, can require less water than traditional outdoor-based farming and allows for continuous year-round production that could even expand the volume and variety of organic offerings. 

Retrofitting or new construction of a building to install an indoor grow operation must consider a host of environmental considerations (e.g., moisture drive and building air pressure, etc.) when designing the roofing system.

Roofing Membrane Options

jm tpo single ply membrane promo image

JM TPO as a roofing membrane for automotive facilities, our TPO systems provide a cost-effective yet highly reliable solution.  Offered in white, tan, and grey, JM offers TPO system guarantees ranging from 10-30 years. 

jm pvc single ply membrane promo image

JM PVC offers higher chemical resistance properties for automotive and EV production facilities, where rooftop exhaust or adjacent structures might expose a roof membrane to oils and greases that would otherwise damage other systems. PVC membranes have the steepest slope approvals for fire-rated single-ply roof systems through UL, including an Unlimited Class A approval.

Roof Component Considerations

The membrane is the outermost protective layer of your commercial roof system to protect your investment from the elements.
Still, it is not the only thing to consider when installing a roof system.

Roofing Solutions

Choosing the right roofing solution could be challenging. We have the knowledge and resources to make it easy.

Here at Johns Manville, our team is available to answer your design professionals’ questions in order to determine the best options at each phase of your project. 

You gain ongoing support from our experienced system experts, who understand and value the integration of roofing systems. You can also count on technical assistance and continuous support throughout the entire life of your project through your JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee. 

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