Sep. 25, 2019
JM Editors
Curved Segments vs. V-Grooved Block: Head-to-Head
When it comes to insulating large diameter pipes and vessels, there are a variety of insulating options available, including Johns Manville’s Thermo-1200™ calcium silicate cu...
Feb. 25, 2019
Kim Melton
In the Growing Trend Toward Water-resistance, What Are My Insulating Options?
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a hot-button issue for the industrial industry, and rightfully so. Studies have shown that CUI is the cause of 40-60% of the money spent o...
Feb. 25, 2019
Michael Lowes
Mitigation of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) of Carbon Steel of Different Insulating Materials
Equipment often found in refineries may be enveloped in insulation and weathering jackets to maintain internal processing temperatures. In many cases moisture from the enviro...
Jan. 16, 2019
Kim Melton
JM's Top Webinars from 2018
We had a lot of great webinars in 2018, and we’ve taken a few minutes to dig into which ones were the most popular. Below, we’ve outlined our top three webinars from the year...