Jul. 21, 2016
George P. Barnett
Design Factors For System Efficiency
Optimizing the efficiency of industrial systems is the most important thing for the engineers designing the system. This article discusses some of the key factors to address ...
Jul. 21, 2016
Sharryn Dotson
Alternative Energy Will Power 50% of North American Electricity by 2025
On June 29th the leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico decided to commit to clean energy. This article discusses some of the goals that were set forth and the gener...
Jul. 21, 2016
Gordon H. Hart
How Much Oil Can Insulation Save?
For the last 15 years we have witnessed the rapid rise and sustained high prices of barrels of oil. With the high prices it becomes all the more important to make sure we hav...
Jul. 21, 2016
Ames Kulprthipanja
A Systems Application Approach to Corrosion Testing
Moving beyond component testing:As leaders in the industrial insulation market, we at Johns Manville are committed to thoroughly testing our current products, competitive pro...
Jul. 21, 2016
Kevin Kirst
Case Study: Corrosion Monitoring Tools
Pipeline corrosion causes disastrous failures in both onshore and offshore equipment. This case study focuses on corrosion monitoring equipment and reducing the cost of using...
Jul. 21, 2016
Industry Experts
Brexit Changes Things
Subscribe to this blog here. In this article you will find quality information and perspective on how Brexit has impacted a few key commodity markets. A decision as important...
Jul. 21, 2016
IMPACT: a study on Corrosion
NACE has put together an intensive study on Corrosion. They are calling it, IMPACT. The acronym stands for "International Measures of Prevention, Application and Economics of...
Jun. 23, 2016
Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group Honored By National Insulation Association
Johns Manville (JM), a leading global manufacturer of energy-efficient building products and engineered specialty materials, was awarded a 2015 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguish...
Jun. 14, 2016
JM-IIG Editors
Detecting Corrosion Under Insulation
Detecting CUI:&nbsp
Jun. 14, 2016
V. Mitchell Liss
Preventing CUI
How do you prevent CUI in your industrial system CUI is a major problem, but it can be prevented by proper system design. According to this article, "The major factor in prev...
Jun. 14, 2016
Marc Grenier
The CUI Plague: What You Need To Know
Corrosion is an annoying factor that is plaguing many facilities. Rightfully so, it is one of the most difficult processes to detect, prevent and repair. Water has a unique a...
Jun. 14, 2016
Michael Lettich
A Cure For CUI?
Is there a cure for CUI? The majority of&nbsp
May. 31, 2016
JM-IIG Editors
Emissivity – The Impact of Shiny Things
Emissivity will influence process control and personnel safety. Industrial processes have higher operating temperatures than residential, commercial and mechanical processes,...
May. 31, 2016
Michael Kanellos
Waste-Heat: Problem or Opportunity?
Waste Heat Should Not Be Waste! Waste heat is a problem that engineers will face as they design efficient industrial systems. The basic understanding of creating an efficient...
May. 31, 2016
Wesley Fawaz
Subsea Pipeline Corrosion Management
Corrosion Management is critical in any piping system to ensure longevity of the system. This becomes even more important when the system is piping corrosive materials, or lo...
May. 31, 2016
Industry Experts
CUI Codes, Standards and Best Practices
CUI will break you if it is not done right. CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) Is a very hot topic, primarily because it results in the highest percentage of maintenance expend...
May. 17, 2016
JM-IIG Editors
Designing Systems to Handle a One-Off Water Intrusion Event
We’ll Be at the NACE Corrosion Risk Management Conference and Presenting on Hydrophobic Insulation - You Don’t Want to Miss This! On May 23-25, Johns Manville Industrial Insu...
May. 17, 2016
Ben Pfister
The Hidden Cost of Delayed Maintenance
The Risks of Delayed or Neglected Insulation Maintenance The maintenance budget in an industrial facility is typically stretched beyond the limits and not every item on the l...
May. 17, 2016
Michael P. Sanders
Energy, Insulation, And Maintenance: Perfect together
The Following article discusses the relationship between Energy, Insulation and Maintenance. An old saying in the industry is, "Take care of the steel, and it will take care ...
May. 17, 2016
Matt Smith
Market Currents: Seven things to consider in crude oil markets today
The oil and gas market has experienced severe volatility over the last several years, and while this has been great for consumers who have been able to benefit from lower pri...