Sep. 21, 2016
Debra Erdley
Spectra Energy Says Rapid Corrosion, Other Factors Led to Salem Pipeline Explosion:
In April, an interstate natural gas pipeline exploded in Salem Township, and Spectra Energy officials have finally found the cause: corrosion. They knew about this corrosion ...
Sep. 21, 2016
Paul Breeze
Generators: Pushing for Perfection
Fossil fuel plant generators are operating at nearly 99% efficiency, but industry manufacturers aren’t satisfied. In an effort to maximize efficiency, many manufacturers are ...
Sep. 21, 2016
Process Industry – What’s the Energy and Emission Savings Potential?
When we look at sustainability, we often think of cutting back on consumption, but what about simply saving what we already have? This article addresses one of the critical c...
Sep. 07, 2016
JM-IIG Editors
Thermal Shift Webinar
Thermal Shift is a fairly new concept in the industrial insulation industry, and it is an issue that singularly affects the performance of silica aerogel insulations. &nbsp
Sep. 07, 2016
John S. Watson
Chevron CEO On Oil & Natural Gas
"I recently met with LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth to talk about the current state of the oil and natural gas industry, which he noted has seen almost 70 bankruptcies th...
Sep. 07, 2016
Greg Bodenhamer
Industrial Efficiency: Debunking The Myths
Efficiency in an industrial system is top-of-mind for today's engineers and managers. However, when we start down that rabit trail, many of us come across concerns that inhib...
Sep. 07, 2016
Marty McGee
Continuous Improvement In Performance, Operational Excellence
Managing a facility to operat at the highest level of efficiency requires attention to every detail. The principals of Lean manufacturing can be applied across the organizati...
Aug. 24, 2016
Jack Bittner
Industrial Insulation Cutbacks that Could Damage Your System Performance
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Aug. 24, 2016
Simon Coton
Talent Shortage In Oil And Gas Industry
Every business strives to attract and retain the top talent in their industry, and the oil industry is no different. Yet now, it faces some new challenges. There are major ta...
Aug. 24, 2016
Pierre Bertrand
Oil and Gas Industry Is Losing Its Best and brightest.
The oil and gas industry has had a rough couple of years. Amid the volatile spikes and drops in the price of oil, we’ve seen the industry shift uncomfortably beneath concerns...
Aug. 24, 2016
Dragos Baicoianu
Safety Issues Caused By Skills Gap
The industrial manufacturing industry is groaning under an influx of inexperienced workers. While the inexperienced new-comers can bring new energy to a job, they also come w...
Aug. 10, 2016
Jack Bittner
The Knowledge Gap: What’s the Missing Piece?
Subscribe to our blog. The industrial industry is seeing a notable shift in the average age of its workforce, and it’s not alone. Across the United States, many highly specia...
Aug. 10, 2016
Nemanja Pavlovic
Corrosion Fatigue of Welded Joints On Marine Offshore Structures
Fatigue and corrosion have a combined effect on offshore equipment. The effect of these two forces is drastically reducing the life of the offshore equipment. This article ex...
Aug. 10, 2016
Jeremy J. Patt
Improving Energy Efficiency in the Chemical Industry
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Aug. 10, 2016
Maximize system energy efficiency with proper insulation
In industrial applications how we utilize heat is the main question we face. This article by the department of energy explores a question and answer session addressing the mo...
Jul. 26, 2016
Doug Fast
5 Things You Need To Know About Safe To Touch Standards
While system process control frequently takes the spotlight during insulation system design, personnel safety is equal in terms of importance. In the industrial insulation in...
Jul. 26, 2016
Fittings To Save Energy
Process efficiency is obviously achieved by insulation, but in many cases insulation was cut short in our systems. One of the fastest ways to improve efficiency is to verify ...
Jul. 26, 2016
Personnel Protection Calculator
Understanding safe to touch in terms of actual data is critical to specifying the correct insulation and thickness for our projects. We have found this calculator to be usefu...
Jul. 26, 2016
Jason Barron
Combating Heat Safety Issues With Insulation
Heat related health problems are a big concern in many work environments. So much so that OSHA does seminars and training programs every summer to help employees and employer...
Jul. 21, 2016
Doug Fast
Pipe Coatings and XOX: A Belt-and-Suspenders Approach to Combating CUI
Using a Corrosion Inhibitor to Defend Against CUIOne of the primary design considerations in a piping system is to ensure that it lasts as long as possible while avoiding uns...