Mar. 16, 2020
Understanding the Mechanism and Longevity of Corrosion Inhibitors: Part II
Mar. 16, 2020
Krystal Nanan
IoT for Corrosion Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry
As technology advances, the way we monitor and address CUI is evolving. One of the latest trends in corrosion control is using high -tech detection systems.
Mar. 16, 2020
Jason De Silveira
The 4 Best Nondestructive Inspection Methods for Corrosion Under Insulation
Non-destructive testing plays an enormous role in detecting and preventing CUI, and each method has advantages and disadvantages. What method will work best for you?
Mar. 16, 2020
Sieger Terpstra, Maurice Fransen, Dr. Timothy Black
CUI Robotics: Pushing the Envelope
In a multifaceted project exploring the current state of approaches to CUI, Dutch-based consultancy, Quasset, evaluates whether CUI inspection could be performed at a signifi...
Feb. 20, 2020
Process Safety Beacon: Corrosion Under Insulation
This article outlines exactly what can happen when corrosion goes unchecked, and the steps you can take to help prevent it in your facility.
Feb. 20, 2020
Arun K. Soman, ME
Nondestructive CUI Detection Techniques for Process Pipelines
Nondestructive corrosion under insulation testing can be a key component to performing system maintenance without damaging or removing the insulation. This article outlines t...
Feb. 20, 2020
Top 10 Corrosion Threats
Understanding where your biggest threats are for corrosion can be the first step in preventing CUI on your system. This article details the top 10 corrosion threats. Read mor...
Feb. 20, 2020
Marybeth Jones
Understanding the Mechanism and Longevity of Corrosion Inhibitors: Part I
Corrosion inhibitors can be a game changer when it comes to preventing CUI, but how do they work and are they a long-term solution? We answer these questions in our latest re...
Nov. 20, 2019
Gordon H. Hart
Multiple Choice, Part 1: Selecting Proper Insulation Thickness Helps Increase Energy Efficiency
Gordon Hart takes a detailed look at how insulation thickness contribute to a successfully designed insulation system
Nov. 20, 2019
Bassam Mustafa Alzgoul
The Economic Thickness of Insulation for Steam Process Distribution
This white paper takes a detailed look at the ideal insulation thickness for steam process distribution pipelines
Nov. 20, 2019
Understanding Economic Insulation Thickness
Varying the thickness of your insulation can influence your system performance and your ROI on the insulation.
Nov. 20, 2019
Michaela Roy
Understanding the NAIMA 3E Plus Insulation Thickness Calculator
The NAIMA 3E Plus calculator can help you establish how thick your insulation needs to be based on the unique needs of your application - and more...
Sep. 25, 2019
JM Editors
Curved Segments vs. V-Grooved Block: Head-to-Head
When it comes to insulating large diameter pipes and vessels, there are a variety of insulating options available, including Johns Manville’s Thermo-1200™ calcium silicate cu...
Sep. 25, 2019
Stephen J. Thomas
How Logistics Impacts Shutdowns, Outages, and Turnarounds
Much of the process industry operates on a seven day per week, twenty-four hour per day schedule, and has one thing in common. The common element being key pieces of equipmen...
Sep. 25, 2019
Ronald L. King
The Consequences of a “Bad Specification” From the Perspective of the Mechanical Insulation Industry
You continually hear mechanical insulation contractors, and others, complaining about incomplete, outdated, or irrelevant mechanical insulation specifications (i.e., “bad spe...
Sep. 25, 2019
Jim Ryan
Overcoming Common Safety Issues with the Installation of Industrial Insulation
There are several concerns industrial insulation contractors must consider when installing products in hazardous power plant environments, including the plant’s heat output, ...
Aug. 28, 2019
NAIMA Certifies JM Fiberglass Batt and Narrow Roll Insulation Products
DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company and leading building products manufacturer, announced today its fiberglass batt and narrow roll insulati...
Jun. 12, 2019
Johns Manville Announces Plan to Build New Climate Pro® Production Line in Kansas
DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Johns Manville (JM), a global building and specialty products manufacturer and a Berkshire Hathaway Company, announced today a new Climat...
Jun. 12, 2019
Jack Bittner & Kim Melton
5 Pitfalls that Can Throw Off Your Turnaround
Maintenance and turnarounds are challenging, time-consuming endeavors, but they are absolutely necessary to keep a plant running safely and efficiently. While most plants typ...
Jun. 12, 2019
Authur Davidson
Improving Turnarounds Part 1: Strategic Coaching
The turnaround industry is being hit hard by the baby boomer retirement tidal wave. Every day sees another 10,000 skilled workers evaporate from our national talent pool, lea...