Johns Manville GoBoard Takes the Stage

In the entertainment world, it’s not uncommon that a spinoff becomes a star in its own right. 
The case is no different for Johns Manville’s GoBoard.  
A spinoff from a roofing systems line that became an insulation coverboard before reaching stardom as a tile-backing product, GoBoard has taken center stage not only in Johns Manville’s catalogue of products, but on the actual stage.  
Del Harvey, leader of the Pied Piper Players, a California theater troupe, has fashioned GoBoard into the star of the troupe’s set pieces.  
Having discovered GoBoard at his local Lowe’s while picking up supplies for a summer camp session last year, Harvey soon realized the potential of the product in his plays. 
“I was immediately impressed by how it was both lightweight and sturdy, then further delighted to realize that the surface would take paint well,” he said. “Once I spent a bit more time with it, I realized GoBoard could be a total game-changer for how we approach building sets and allow us to make bigger, more immersive sets that are sturdier and more easily reusable.” 
With a production of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka in the pipeline, Harvey reached out to Johns Manville, who, coordinated by Senior Marketing Specialist Shawna Lytle, donated two pallets of GoBoard in support of the nonprofit family theater company that is dedicated to the promotion of confidence, community and excellence through the performing arts. 
“It gives me a good feeling, knowing the work I did to help was worth it. It offsets their costs and benefits kids,” Lytle said, lauding the hard work that goes into a theater production.  “We all know that with kids, it can be a struggle to find things that keep their attention and give them life skills. I just pushed the paperwork and made it happen.” 
Last fall and this spring, the troupe created Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and the grassy, farm world for Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling using GoBoard. 
“As a family theater organization, Pied Piper Players relies upon family volunteers for creating all elements of our productions from set construction to props, costumes, and promotions. Even the cast is involved,” Harvey said. ““GoBoard’s sturdiness, durability, paintability, waterproof nature, and ease of handling have made it our new preferred choice for creating set pieces that look great, are long-lasting, and can hold up over multiple shows and productions.” 
Between theater camps, classes, community outreach, and two main stage productions each year, hundreds, if not more than a thousand, people participate in Pied Piper Players programs, Harvey said.  
On top of that, thousands attend their performances, he said, noting that the players’ last two main stage productions had casts of 55 and 77 respectively. 
“We’ve heard tremendous amounts of positive feedback about the sets for the last two shows; many audience members have referenced a perceived “upleveling” of production quality,” Harvey said. 
Expressing appreciation for JM’s support, Harvey said, “Support from local merchants and businesses is crucial for nonprofits like ours, who are doing all we can to give back to the community.” 
Lytle said she relishes the opportunity to support creative endeavors using GoBoard, adding that the Pied Piper Players aren’t the first to find a use for GoBoard that goes beyond building and home improvement. 
“GoBoard lends itself to that creative pursuit,” Lytle said, noting that GoBoard’s main-end users are tile contractors, many of whom consider themselves artists.  
And, renowned mosaic artists including Nancy Keating have employed GoBoard as a base for their work, she said.  
“I feel really lucky to be a creative-type person to be on this product,” Lytle said. “It’s definitely not a boring product. It has so many outside uses – creative people are using it for all kinds of things.” 

A contract made of GoBoard.
Rolling green hills and a farm – all painted on GoBoard.
These birch trees were made entirely from GoBoard – three sheets, end-on-end.