JM Owner Services Technical Team Presents at IIBEC Conference

Mark Twain said, “climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”

And when it comes to roofing, being ready for what you get rather than what you expect can make a world of difference.

A standing room-only crowd of more than 450 people recently gained insight on how to do just that thanks to JM Owner Services Technical Manger Rick Gustin and Owner Services Technical Specialist Rob Hughes. Gustin and Hughes presented “A (not-so) Perfect Storm — Wind, OSB & Low Slope Roof Systems” during the 2024 IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show March 8-11 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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The duo noted that while there is nothing new about wood decks, large warehouses, or mechanically attached, low-slope single-ply roof systems, current design and installation techniques have created a perfect storm resulting in performance and reliability issues that occur even under moderate weather events. Gustin and Hughes reviewed existing mechanically attached, single-ply installations on large commercial warehouses to help consultants gain an understanding of building pressurization and wind uplift forces that can lead to premature failure. After attending, participants were able to recognize the limitations of OSB wood decking and the steps required for successful design and installation of reliable and robust roof systems.

High points of their talk included design and installation best practices along with repair recommendations to reinforce roof system reliability.