Discover Our Advanced Nonwoven Technologies at Techtextil 2024

We are excited to be able to explore the depth of our technical expertise in nonwoven technologies at Techtextil 2024, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, from April 23 – 26, 2024. This event will serve as a platform for JM to showcase the extensive capabilities and innovations that define our Nonwovens team. We talked to Philippe Bekaert, Global Portfolio Leader Nonwovens at Johns Manville.

What makes Techtextil 2024 a significant event for nonwoven technologies?

This event provides a unique opportunity for us to dive into the depth of our technical expertise in nonwoven technologies. It’s a platform where we can showcase our innovations and capabilities to a global audience.


Philippe Bekaert, Global Portfolio Leader Nonwovens
Philippe Bekaert

How does JM harness a diverse range of technologies to produce technical nonwovens?

We have developed a diverse range of technologies, some of which are proprietary, to produce nonwovens that meet a wide spectrum of needs. Our offerings range from readily available products to custom developments tailored to the unique requirements of individual customers.

Could you elaborate on the wet-laid fiberglass nonwoven process?

Certainly, our wet-laid fiberglass nonwoven process is an adopted paper process. Instead of cellulose fibers we use chopped fiberglass and a chemical binder, which opens nearly limitless possibilities for customization.

What sets our fiberglass nonwovens apart?

Our fiberglass nonwoven products stand out due to their versatility. We offer enhancements such as coatings for improved surface properties and fire protection. Additionally, we offer dual-layer configurations for functional surfaces, and hybrid mats, providing tailored air-permeability and flexibility. 


Fiberglass Nonwoven production
Fiberglass Nonwoven Production


What other features do our nonwoven products incorporate?

Our products can include fillers for opacity and fire protection, thermoplastic binders for shapeability and enhanced adhesion, and glass thread reinforcement for added strength and dimensional stability.

Tell us about our PET nonwovens.

Our PET nonwovens, primarily produced using spunbond technology, showcase the durability and adaptability of theoretically endless filaments. Customers can choose reinforcement options such as glass thread or scrim. 


PET Spunbond Production
PET Spunbond Production


What are other types of nonwovens we offer?

We also manufacture 100% polymeric nonwovens using a wet-laid process, alongside our binder-free needle-punched fiberglass mats.

How does our commitment extend to various industries?

We are dedicated to serving a diverse range of industries, from roofing and flooring to insulation and beyond. Our nonwoven solutions play a crucial role in these industries.

Techtextil 2024 presents an opportunity for us to dive into the unique properties our technologies offer, fostering new opportunities for collaborations with both existing and future partners. We look forward to engaging with everyone at Techtextil 2024 and exploring how our advanced nonwoven technologies can contribute to their success.

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