Vegas Miracle Mile Shops Re-Roofed Using Complete JM System

Prominently located on the famously busy Las Vegas Strip, the Miracle Mile Shops went through a major re-roofing. Commercial Roofers, Inc. (CRI), a long-time vendor for many prominent local businesses, tackled this highly technical, four-level, 300,000 square foot job with trusted partner Johns Manville. CRI and JM have partnered on close to 400 jobs since 2000. This five-month job, with a crew size ranging from 11 to 25 workers, was completed in November, 2023.

Ensuring that every penetration over 150 stores and 15 restaurants would be sealed tight--each restaurant with its own grease trap. This required the team to navigate around an unusually high amount of HVAC and other equipment. A majority of the surfaces were flat with one noteworthy oddly shaped steep slope covering close to 90,000 square feet of the job. The sheer number of penetrations to handle throughout the entire project required more time and materials to ensure the integrity of the roofing system waterproofing. The charge also included loading heavy materials onto the roof as close to the area of installation, as there were only two delivery access points.

Miracle-Mile-2-710x533 - 1

Commercial Roofers chose a complete JM system leading with its PVC RhinoPlates®. The roof attachment system used heat induction technology along with JM’s High Load Fasteners, which are designed to go through the plates quickly and efficiently to secure the PVC thermoplastic roof membrane into the existing roof system. Starting from an existing four-ply BUR, the new roof used JM’s 60mil PVC MIN membrane, with a half-inch SeparatoR® board, pipe boots, and Cross Grip PVC Walkpads—the ideal product that provided a safe, stable and maintenance-free walkway for quick and easy access to the rooftop materials—no welding required. Metal curbs were fabricated to create water-deterrent penetrations and custom field wraps were crafted; both done to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing. Working with fairly narrow I-beams, the crew used ropes and a tremendous amount of manpower to lower thousands of pounds of materials from higher spots to installations on the third, fifth, and seventh floors—as high as 50 feet up.

“We do a lot of big jobs but this one was off the charts for technical complexity. The logistics of getting the materials to the right spot was challenging by itself. Then, the crew had to maneuver around and under an usually high number of penetrations while making sure they would stay sealed tight from any intrusive water,” stated Matt Lot, Project Manager & Estimator for Commercial Roofers, Inc. “As usual, the JM sales and technical teams were incredibly helpful in supporting this marquee job.”