The Chartwell Industrial Complex and BUR

The Original Roofing Company (TORC) won a new build project in southwest Las Vegas from general contractor Martin-Harris Construction for a 200,000 square foot mixed use office and warehouse structure in an area with industrial buildings, car dealerships and residential housing.

When exploring material choices for this location and type of building, Johns Manville (JM) and TORC representatives considered all options including single-ply TPO and BUR solutions. Based on the nearly but not quite back-to-normal material supply chain, implementing a Built-Up-Roofing (BUR) system was the materials, time, and cost-efficient winner.

The final product system used is a hot-applied bituminous BUR; four-ply mineral-surfaced fiber glass granulated cap sheet. The material purchase order was issued the first week in January and products were delivered by a local JM distributor in very short order. The crew got to work and expertly maneuvered around multiple curbs and flashing pipes coming up out of the roof, and readily navigated the typical amount of HVAC equipment that supports a large warehouse and office structure. Work started in February and was completed in April.

With nearly 50 projects completed together in the last four years alone, JM Senior Sales Representative Dustin Warren had this to say about the JM TORC relationship, “In a time when material delivery dates can be uneven, JM is especially proud that in very short order we were able to provide TORC with the ideal materials. Part of our ongoing mission is to make our client partners look good to their general contractors, architects and other associates.”

More than 200 employees strong and with over 60 years in business, TORC enjoys a stellar, well-earned reputation in the Las Vegas area. “We chose JM’s tried-and-true BUR system because as a long-time partner, we know when they commit, they deliver. We’re happy and our client is too. We all benefit from this solid partnership,” said GM Antoinette (Toni) Hanson.

TORC benefited from its status as a JM Peak Advantage® Pinnacle Council® level partner on this job and others with increased access to tools and services designed to help gain productivity, increase expertise and put its business in a stronger competitive position.