Customer Pallet Reuse Program

Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality insulation and commercial roofing. They are also a customer of the Novolex Shields division, purchasing specialty “hooder” film to support product distribution. In 2022, the operations team at Johns Manville identified an opportunity to reuse the extra-large pallets used to ship product from the Novolex Coldwater, OH facility to Johns Manville’s Hazelton, PA plant. After full pallets arrive at the Hazelton, PA plant, they are collected and stored. Once enough pallets accumulate to fill a truck, the pallets are sent back to the Novolex Coldwater, OH facility where they are re-filled with product to be shipped back to the customer. The process then repeats, reducing the unnecessary use of new pallets. Importantly, this partnership reduces cost and results in a lower cost of product to the customer.