Custom Specialty Product Solutions Made Possible in Lewiston

Our JM facility in Lewiston, Maine fabricates a variety of specialty products including expansion joints, vents and drains, and edge metal systems to provide solutions for unique roofing systems. The facility has notable history, dating back to the 1950’s when Frank Patry noticed the cracking problems his father was having on his BUR roof. Frank invented the Expand-O-Joint as a solution with his brothers Harvey and Earnest and called their company HEFCO (Harvey, Earnest, and Frank CO). Johns Manville purchased HEFCO in the mid 1970’s and built the facility we currently work out of today.

Lewiston fabricates both Expand-O-Flash expansion joint covers for roofs and Expand-O-Gard expansion joint covers for vertical wall applications. It is the only JM facility that manufactures this product line. Both products are designed to allow thermal expansion and contraction and seismic activity and can be used for vibration and dust control. To better understand their functions, check out this video on our YouTube™ Channel.

JM offers products in standard sizes for joints up to 8” wide and can custom fabricate for expansion joints as large as 36” wide. Both products are certified air barriers. We offer an Expand-O-Flash style to suit all roof membranes and offer a full line of standard directional change transitions. Our Lewiston facility can also custom fabricate directional change transitions to suit most any condition. Our motto has always been “If you can draw it, we can make it”. In today’s smart phone enabled world, we have adjusted that to “If you can take picture of it, we can draw it for you”.

Our Lewiston Facility takes pride in having in-house Customer Service and Technical Support teams. Steve Grant, Accessories Technical Specialist, describes the care each order is handled with, “when I talk with a customer, I can assure them that the information they convey to me for their custom-made product is accurately transferred to the fabricators who work just a few feet from where I work.”

The personal touch of the customer service team allows for fast turnaround on customer’s needs. “Our standard product is typically shipping out in a week or less. Our made to order and custom-made products are shipping in about 3-4 weeks,” Grant explains. Large volume orders of large size products ship in about 6 weeks, an impressive timeframe when considering design requests may start from a simple drawing or photograph.

In addition to having passionate service teams, the Lewiston Facility is an OSHA VPP star work site with over twenty years without a lost time injury. They are also ISO 14001 certified for their environmental management systems.

To work with our experienced service teams regarding your custom specialty product needs, please e-mail or call 1-800-445-1500. Lewiston operates on eastern time with 8am-5pm daily office hours.

The full catalog of standard products can be viewed here. You can also see our complete product line here.