Johns Manville reopens exhibition area in the Wertheim Glass Museum

Johns Manville Reopens Exhibition Area in the Wertheim Glass Museum

Since 1976, the Glass Museum in Wertheim, Germany has documented the history and application of glass from antiquity to modern high-tech products.

Johns Manville acquired Schuller GmbH in 1979 and in 1996 to mark the 100th anniversary of Schuller GmbH, a dedicated exhibition area was opened. The exhibit provides information about JM’s history in Germany, as well as products and manufacturing processes. Many years have passed without an update to the exhibition area.

Last year, the Johns Manville team in Germany returned its focus to the museum to redesign the exhibition area. The reopening was celebrated at the beginning of May.

"We are proud to be a platform for Johns Manville’s representation. We have been given a high-quality exhibition, for which we are very grateful, and thus can convey the material glass and its special uses to the visitors in an impressive way," said Director of the Glass Museum Heike Baumann at the opening ceremony.

Subsequently, Wertheim Plant Manager Alexander Ueckert reported on Johns Manville's historical and industrial development and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to exhibit in the Glass Museum.

"We are grateful for the valuable and long-standing cooperation with the Glass Museum and are pleased to introduce our exciting products and their diverse applications to museum visitors," he said.

The Johns Manville Wertheim human resources team was present during the event to inform visitors about Johns Manville’s training programs and open positions.

Click here to learn more about the Glass Museum, and make sure to visit the exhibition when you visit Wertheim.