Milan, Ohio JMers Spend Global Community Day at Local Food Bank

More than 1,000 JMers across the company volunteered nearly 3,500 hours as part of Global Community Day events this year. Most projects were completed on or before September 14, though a few more were completed through the end of September and into October. 

We will continue to feature details, photos and videos of many of the Global Community Day projects completed this year. Come back frequently and make sure to read them all!  You can also watch the full project video here.

JMers in Milan, Ohio Volunteer at Local Food Bank 

JMers from the Milan plant on September 14, 2022, gave their time to the Norwalk Area Food Bank, cleaning and organizing the location for the patrons it serves, said Simon Gardehl, Plant EHS Specialist.  

The Norwalk Area Food Bank is a non-profit organization that serves residents of Milan’s neighbor county, Huron, who do not have a food pantry in their immediate community. 

 The JMers were proud of the results from their efforts, marveling at the state of the location before and after their work.  
“It is more organized and cleaner than grocery stores!” one exclaimed. Another added, “This is rewarding to give people access to a wide selection of food, since food is where the heart is.” 

Norwalk Area Food Bank staff later wrote to the group, thanking them for their volunteerism. 

“We have a lady who likes to keep our place clean, but she has been fighting COVID for three months and is on oxygen,” a letter read. “Your timing was perfect.”