Roofing Systems Kicks Off the New Year with Community Service

Finding Our "Why?"

Before our National Roofing Meeting in January, we asked our employees and co-workers, "What is your why?" The overwhelming response around family, team, and "the people" made it clear that being part of this division isn't just a job. We have been through both good and tough times together. What better way to express how we care and our "why" than community outreach. To extend ourselves past the organization and give back to our community. JM is more than just a business, it's a family and part of the community.

On the first night of our National Meeting, our team participated in community outreach with assembling children’s bikes for a good cause. Working through the ‘Wish for Wheels’ Organization, the team built 75 bikes for a local Denver elementary school. Wish for Wheels partners with corporations to give the gift of a brand new bike and helmet to second graders. By encouraging healthy habits at a young age, they help increase attendance and create a lifelong love of bikes for students in low-income communities.

A team from JM was able to visit the elementary school to delivery the 75 bicycles for children, partnering with Wish for Wheels. 

Wish for Wheels Img.9
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