Richmond, Indiana-based Johns Manville Employee and His Family Support Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Frazier Phillips, a Physical Distribution Manager in Richmond, Indiana, traveled to Englewood Beach, Florida with his family in October 2022 to help Hurricane Ian victims and related recovery efforts. Englewood Beach sustained winds over 150 mph. 

The family drove more than 1,000 miles from Indiana to Florida with donations and supplies.  

Upon arriving, Phillips and his family used the food and grill they brought to feed people in need hot food. They spent the next two days working to clean up three different homes. When not working on clean up, they spent time driving around donating water to those in need.  

“Everyone was very appreciative of donations and assistance in cleaning up,” Phillips said. 

The relief effort was also supported by Northeastern High School and Met Con in Indiana. The groups combined donated a truck and enclosed trailer, gasoline, 80 pounds of ice, chainsaws and a 100-gallon fuel cell for a generator, he said.