Pattern Matters! How Bonding Structure Affects Cleanable Filter Media

The need for clean air in the home and workplace is of critical importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Effective removal of airborne substances, such as dust or other particulate matter from diverse industries, is necessary before emissions are released into the environment.  

During this webinar, Michele Blackburn, the Portfolio Leader for Filtration and Separation at Johns Manville, discusses our exciting new state-of-the-art spunbond filtration media product for Air Pollution Control (APC), Evalith® 798. She reviews the requirements for pleatable APC media, provides an overview of the materials manufacturing process, and covers some of the testing, pattern screening, and performance properties of our next generation industrial air filtration media product. 

Join us as we learn why Pattern Matters, and why it is important when choosing a filtration media product. 


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