JM Sales Agents Host Seminar with IIBEC and GARCA

JM Sales Agent, Larimer Shannon Group, hosted an IIBEC GA and GARCA Education and Networking event at their main office. Over 100 local Georgia contractors, consultants and specifiers attended the event to learn more about Johns Manville.

VP of Technical Services for NRCA, Mark Graham, spoke on the current condition of the US roofing market.  

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of managing expectations in the current environment. 
  • Current and future iterations of the building code.
  • Thoughts on material availability based on raw material supply and demand indicators.
  • Trucking and general transportation shortages.
  • Labor affecting all aspects of supply as well as installation. Overview of the NRCA Pro-Certification Program.
  • Current and upcoming watch-out areas such as imported lumber and the lower density, dimensional stability around concrete with metal versus wood troweling.
  • The use of vapor barriers and the use concrete additives designed to accelerate cure times.

“John Larimer and I are both on the IIBEC GA education committee. The membership of both organizations has constant interaction, and they require quite a bit of the same training. We thought that a joint training event would be great for both organizations. Holding joint events strengthens both organizations,” stated Thomas Weaver with Larimer Shannon Group.

The team is currently working on another joint training to be held at the offices of Larimer Shannon Group with IIBEC and GARCA. They are looking to also host a BURSI training as it would decrease travel time and expense for Architects in the Southeast.

Visit their website here to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.


Larimer Shannon Event Todd.Melissa.Josh
Larimer Shannon Event Mark Graham