New Industrial Park Construction with ProtectoR HD and JM TPO

Against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains’ Front Range, commercial real estate developer Trammell Crow Company (TCC) transformed 70 acres of farmland into an industrial park. All new infrastructure—roads, electricity, water, sewage—was put into place before a massive 818,300 square foot roofing project was constructed.

With winter in the Rockies on the horizon, the entire team was dedicated to completing the roofing project by the end of 2022. At 80 feet high with multiple stories and numerous roofing levels, a crew of 20 diligently worked to meet the deadline. Johns Manville (JM) did its part by ensuring roofing contractor Douglass Colony Group, Inc. (DCG) had the right materials on hand at all times.

The big box distribution client specified that only JM products be used for this vast roof. The project kicked off mid-July, and without fail trucks came consistently for several consecutive weeks. JM showed up with five or six trucks per day when requested, according to DCG Vice President Dane Bechtholdt. The JM solution included single ply TPO 60 mil, fastened with JM TPO RhinoPlate. DCG also utilized JM’s ProtectoR HD high-density polyiso cover board for the first time in lieu of gypsum. The crew realized the time-saving benefit of the lighter, easier to physically manage and easy to install product. Two layers of 2.6" ENRGY 3 polyisocyanurate were also used.

“JM outdid themselves with their service level and products on this job. In a tight materials market, we never had to
stop installation waiting on product delivery. The roofing system we delivered meets the required R-value for better
insulation through our varying Colorado seasons. The system also meets the specified 120-mph wind rider,” stated

Daily assessments by Trammell Crow’s inspectors added to TCC’s confidence in the team. TCC Denver’s Senior Managing
Director Bill Mosher was enthused, “Our inspectors reported that there was a stellar crew working the site and
they were impressed with the Douglass Colony leadership. Knowing there were JM products at the ready to keep the
project moving at a good pace added to our certainty the job would be done right and on-time.”