BURSI is Back and Marking 50 years of Training

BURSI is back for the first in-person session at our JMTC facility in Littleton, CO, since before the pandemic.

The Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute (BURSI) was launched in 1972 to educate the design community around commercial roofing. In the past week, the first in-person class in two years was held at JMTC. The class also marked the 50th year of in-person and virtual training.

"Hosting BURSI at JMTC provided a chance to offer classroom sessions and lab tours of our membrane and insulation testing, along with demos on installation practices," said Melissa Walker, Roofing Systems Group Owner Services Marketing Manager.

The recent training attracted 20 design professionals.

Melissa said a construction project manager who attended the training sent this email: "Thanks again for a great training and for being such accommodating hosts! We had a blast and learned a LOT!"

"When putting it out on social media, we received many comments from those who attended in the past including, 'Many years ago, I attended. One of the first really good courses on roofing' and 'I attended the BURSI sessions in March 1980, thanks to my JM rep. BURSI is a great program!' " Melissa said.

2022 May BURSI Class Photo

The in-person BURSI course hosted at JMTC is offered in the spring and fall, but you can contact your Specifier Services Represenative to book a lunch-and-learn for your design firm.

The BURSI program has evolved into two courses. Level One classes provide an overview of various roofing components, system selection, live demos and a tour of our lab building. Level Two classes include an overview of various codes, modification to a system, testing processes and resiliency and vertical design considerations, along with a tour of our lab building. Classes are limited to 25 people so it is good to reserve your spot early.

Design professionals interested in the either the Level One or Level Two program can request a seat here.