Johns Manville Announces the Release of DynaSet 1K Moisture-curing Adhesive and 1-Part PermaFlash® Liquid-applied Flashing

DENVER – Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company with over three decades of experience producing modified bitumen, announced today two new products for bituminous roofing systems to help improve productivity on the roof. DynaSet 1K, a moisture-curing adhesive, and 1-Part PermaFlash, a liquid-applied flashing, will be available for shipment in February 2022. 

“DynaSet 1K and 1-Part PermaFlash are designed to complement our extensive line of bituminous membranes,” said Product Manager Jacob Heaps. “DynaSet 1K is a great adhesive option when there are concerns about solvents or odors on a job site, and the moisture-cure properties means adhesion isn’t impacted by moisture that may be present in concrete roof decks. Using it to adhere a SBS vapor retarder is a great option to help alleviate concerns of moisture entering the roof assembly from underneath. The 1-Part PermaFlash product will eliminate the need to mix components on site, allowing for a more efficient install around flashings.” 

DynaSet 1K 

DynaSet 1K is a one-part, solvent-free, moisture-curing adhesive designed to install JM SBS membranes. DynaSet 1K is available in a 5-gallon pail (45lbs). It can be installed using traditional, cold adhesive application methods or can be applied in a ribbon application to allow for venting moisture below SBS vapor retarders in bituminous and single-ply systems. The moisture-cure properties provide excellent green strength and a quick set-up during install, and potential ambient moisture in concrete decks will not adversely impact the adhesive’s properties. This allows the contractor to better set schedules with a lower risk of variable measurements of moisture in the concrete that can cause project delays.

1-Part PermaFlash

1-Part PermaFlash is a one-part, elastomeric, liquid-applied flashing material designed for flashing penetrations on granulated JM bituminous membranes. 1-Part PermaFlash is available in a box with two 1-gallon pails (9lbs each) or a 5-gallon pail (45lbs). It requires no mixing of components on-site, reducing the risk of operator mixing errors and helping to ensure the correct installation of the product. 1-Part PermaFlash cures to a durable elastomeric film with exceptional bonding to a variety of penetrating materials. 

The bituminous SBS system is the most customizable of JM’s low-slope commercial roofing products with various reinforcements and installation options to fit different project needs. With the new offering of DynaSet 1K moisture-curing adhesive and 1-Part PermaFlash liquid-applied flashing, JM continues to offer high-quality products and services that can assist customers in completing the roof system efficiently.

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About Johns Manville

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