Skillfully Navigating Supply Chain Issues to Meet Deadlines Old

Finished in July 2022, a new distribution center on Florida’s east coast was roofed by Barber & Associates, Inc. using Johns Manville products and services. Partners since 1995, Johns Manville and the crew at Barber have jointly completed hundreds of roofing jobs--this massive 2 million square foot roof is just the latest.

Situated on Florida’s east coast between Orlando and Miami, Port St. Lucie has taken direct hits from both Category 2 and 3 hurricanes so roofing specifications included a high wind rider. Tight deadlines under strict guidelines on when the roofing installation could take place and how long the crew had to do it added more layers of challenges on top of a local materials supply shortage.

The roofing contractor, Brad Denny, Chief Operating Officer for Barber & Associates credits all the teams involved for their commitment to cooperate to finish the job on time. Johns Manville’s solution was a membrane roofing system that included 10,830 squares of Single Ply 60 mil white TPO over two layers of 2.6” ISO mechanically fastened. The roof also met Florida’s insulation R value requirement of 30 and the high wind resistance rider of 115. With two separate large surface levels, a main warehouse and office portion, 5,700 linear feet of JM metal coping was installed to prevent water from traveling down from the warehouse to the lower office level.

When Barber COO Brad was told JM was trucking in ISO from a Nevada plant due to a local materials shortage, he knew he had once again picked the right partner. “Johns Manville did what needed to be done to meet our deadline.” A convoy of hundreds of trucks arrived at the job site and delivered materials to a newly built temporary loading zone where the crew was ready to put them to use. Even with the crew working on-schedule, the HVAC and other building systems were being installed while the roof was being completed.

Denny added “This job was noteworthy for not only its sheer size and the tight deadlines we had to meet but for the logical challenges that we as a group managed well. We got there through open and ongoing logistical communications during the entire job. JM’s always been a great partner and our mutual successes tell the story.”