Shipping Our First Truck of Hillsboro Material

The team at Hillsboro is working harder than ever to produce material for our customers. They have been busy testing, troubleshooting and planning out production. We are excited to share that the first shipment of
Hillsboro-made ENRGY 3® polyiso roof insulation has shipped to a high school job in El Paso, Texas. Our Hillsboro plant has installed state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to help produce product efficiently to keep up with customer demand.

Beginning in mid-March, the plant began producing a limited supply of polyiso. As the team completes testing, they are running production, as orders continue to come in. We are very excited for the plant to begin full
operations. Over the next couple of months, Hillsboro will be expanding the product mix to include other products such as ProtectoR® HD, AP™ Foil-Faced and GoBoard® Tile Backer.

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