2022 Roofing Day in D.C.

Johns Manville representatives met Congress members and staff to discuss issues and advocacy needs facing the commercial roofing industry. All groups, including contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants within the roofing industry, were represented at Capitol Hill on April 6, 2022.    

The main concentration for discussions this year focused on recruiting and training workers. The lack of new laborers in the industry, coupled with an aging workforce, is touted as one of the biggest threats to roofing over the next decade. It was the goal for all those attending Roofing Day to communicate these concerns and discuss the below solution-based topics:

  1. Perkins State Grants support for career and technical education funding – CTE grants have not kept pace with the growing demand in a rapidly changing economy. Funding for Perkins State Grants has fallen far below the rate of inflation. Further, the amount of federal funding dedicated to CTE is substantially less than funding toward four-year degree programs.
  2. Targeting immigration reform programs to expand employers’ ability to attract and retain workers who showcase an interest in working in the country. 
  3. Supporting the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act – allowing displaced workers to develop new skills and find  employment. 

This was the first in-person Roofing Day after the pandemic. Excited participants shared personal stories of starting their careers in roofing and overcoming their own challenges with DACA and paths toward citizenship. The NRCA spent time pulling together talking points and preparing participants for an impactful visit with state representatives to garner support for policy change. Everyone needs a roof over their head, and the industry continues to come together and showcase how it provides family-sustaining jobs in an essential sector of business. JM is proud to support this industry and participate in securing a strong future for our employees and customers.