Offering Commercial Roofing Alternatives During Industry Wide Shortages

With industry-wide material delays, added costs, and labor shortages, we want to extend our services and alternatives that may alleviate some of these challenges. With over 160 years of roofing experience, we offer all the major low slope roofing
assemblies with seven membrane systems offered between multi-ply, single ply, and liquid applied roofing systems. We offer  products from above the deck to the membrane with a team that can assist you from concept through fruition. Check out a few of our alternative solutions below.

  • SBS – There is no need for fasteners as you can heat weld, hot apply, or cold apply SBS membranes to your substrate.  SBS comes in various thicknesses, reinforcements, and granules to best accommodate your roofing needs. Learn more about our SBS membranes here!
  • Temporary Roof – These barriers dry-in your project prior to final installation of your full roofing system. They can provide a  solution for 30 to 120 days while you wait for your final products to arrive. 
    • A base sheet option can be found with SBS as well as APP that are good for around 30 days.
    • A SBS solution can be found here that is good for around 120 days.
  • Urethane Adhesives – with the material shortages on fasteners and plates, look to other alternatives to installing your single ply membranes. Most of these adhesives can be installed in temperatures down to 25ºF allowing more jobs to be installed during the colder months. Learn more about these options:
  • Alternatives to Gypsum – JM has alternative solutions to traditional gypsum cover boards and substrate boards.
    • Perlite – These boards contain recycled content and can provide an R-value as high as 2.78 per inch. Our perlite products offer a variety of membrane installation application methods such as heat welding, hot mopping, and cold apply. These low thermal
      insulation boards help reduce the risk of membranes to blister in hot application. Check out our perlite products today!
    • High-Density Polyisocyanurate – This lightweight alternative is easy to work with, mold and damage resistant, and has a high R-value of 5 per inch. Learn more about our ProtectoR® HD here.

The Specifier Services Team is here to explore alternatives to help you understand what options you have, even in today’s climate! We want to offer you our assistance in writing specifications to accommodate these possible changes. 

Contact our team today to explore these alternative solutions and more.