Our New Hillsboro, TX Plant is Already Making Waves

Our new Hillsboro, TX plant might still be under construction, but the team has shown that it is already making waves. Building a brand new plant in a small town improves the town's economic vitality. The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) presented the Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) with their Community Economic Development Award (CEDA). We are thrilled that we are a part of this award and are investing in a town that is receiving the award for the first time in its nearly 30-year history. We are honored to make such an impact in the community. With many growth opportunities for polyiso in the Southwest region of the country and some of our largest roofing contractors a short distance from the new plant, Hillsboro appeared to be a great investment opportunity and a win-win situation.


Welcome New Hires!

Hillsboro has the management team in place and is currently building out the team for the plant and distribution center. We hired the first group of hourly Employees for Hillsboro. The team's orientation was held on Wednesday, October 20. Next, they completed safety orientation and were trained on the equipment. 

Michael Jameson – Maintenance Tech
Ashley Jock - Warehouse Utility
James Mckay - Warehouse Team Lead
Sandra Aguirre – Warehouse Operator

Hillsboro New Hires 710x367