Rigid Duct Liner Solutions for Plenum Applications and Acoustical Control

For many insulation system installers, knowing which duct insulations to use in plenum spaces can be challenging. Plenums are used to house ducts, pipes, and electrical cables. They are common in commercial settings, like office buildings, and often have unique requirements for the materials that are used inside them.

At Johns Manville, we offer Linacoustic® R-300, a 4x8 rigid duct liner insulation specifically engineered for ducts in plenum spaces. It is ideal for applications that need a rigid board insulation, such as a square-to-round transition. Linacoustic R-300 offers a myriad of benefits that can help system designers control acoustics, meet building code requirements, and achieve exceptional thermal efficiency.

Meets ASTM E84 Requirements: Materials used in plenum spaces must meet specific flame/smoke requirements, achieving a <25 flame spread index and a <50 smoke developed index when tested per ASTM E84. All of JM’s duct insulations meet these requirements, Linacoustic R-300 included.

Permacote® Antimicrobial Coating: The airstream surface on Linacoustic R-300 is coated with JM’s proprietary antimicrobial coating, Permacote. This not only helps make the material more water-resistant, but it also helps protect the fiberglass substrate from any potential mold ingress.

Robust and Varied R-values: Linacoustic R-300 can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, up to 4” thick, for varying applications. This means that insulators can achieve an R-value as high as 17.5 if the application calls for it. This is especially relevant for ducts in colder climate zones that are designed to bring in outside air.

Excellent Acoustical Control: Linacoustic R-300 offers exceptional acoustical control. It’s so good, in fact, that this product is often used as acoustical paneling in sound rooms, studios, theaters, and testing labs to reduce reverberation throughout the room.

Available in Cartons and Pallets: Since most jobs aren’t a one-size fits all scenario, JM offers two options for ordering Linacoustic R-300. For people who need less material, they can order their stock in cartons, for those who need more material, it is available in pallets as well. Additionally, Linacoustic R-300 is shipped on JM’s patented E3 Pallet™ technology, making it simple to break down the large 4’x8’ pallets into two, reusable 48”x48” pallets.

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