Johns Manville SBS: One System. Endless Solutions.

Johns Manville (JM) SBS roofing systems allow the flexibility to choose what system your project needs to maximize efficiency, labor and cost. With JM you’ll find SBS products with different reinforcements and installation techniques, as well as cover boards and accessories - all with a long-term history of proven performance.

With five different installation techniques and three different reinforcement types (fiber glass, polyester, composite,) JM SBS membranes can be installed at any time of the year on almost any type of building. Hot asphalt and MBR Cold Application Adhesive offer a 2-in-1 waterproofing and adhesive solution, while polyester-reinforced DynaFast® membranes offer the option of quickly mechanically fastening a base sheet and giving various options for cap sheet installation.

JM self-adhering and heat-weldable membranes offer installers the opportunity to create multi-ply waterproofing systems without the need for additional adhesives or fasteners.  JM DynaGrip®  self-adhering membranes are available with both fiber glass and polyester reinforcements and are specially formulated for strong initial inter-ply bonds with minimal building occupant impact. JM Vapor Barrier SAR contains additional thickness and a fiber glass reinforcement for added durability. It can be used as a temporary roof while waiting on extended lead times of other products, minimizing delays to time-sensitive interior construction projects.

JM DynaWeld®  membranes contain extra coating on the bottom of the membrane to ensure maximum adhesion post-torching. Combining DynaWeld® products with the polymerized asphalt coating on the surface of JM DuraBoard®  allows you to save fuel during install and eliminates the need for a mechanically fastened base sheet. DynaGrip and DynaWeld products can also be combined in a “stick one torch one” system for maximum installation efficiencies.


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