2021 International Roofing Expo (IRE)

This year's in-person portion of the International Roofing Expo was held in Las Vegas, NV. The Johns Manville team was excited to be there to welcome many people in the industry. The JM leadership team was able to meet with customers that they have not had the chance to travel to see due to the pandemic, which was a great opportunity to enjoy time well spent while also having a little fun.

In place of the Roofing Institute educational booth, JM was able to offer an interactive golf simulator. The top three golf swings that got "closest to the hole" won custom YETI® coolers. At the top of the leader board was:

1st Place - Adam Tener with Wolf Commercial Roofing Inc was closest to the pin at 2.5 feet away
2nd Place -  Justin Kirtley with Kirtley & Sons Contracting Inc - 5.18 feet from the pin
3rd Place - Tomlin Scott with D.I. Roof Seamers - 5.68 feet from the pin

IRE Golf Coolers

Roofers Coffee Shop Live

Our Director of Product Management and Marketing, Jennifer Ford-Smith sat down with Heidi Ellsworth from Roofers Coffee Shop to provide a rundown of IRE and the in-person events that are taking place. They discussed the great collaboration that is happening within the industry and shared their excitement of being able to interact personally with customers again. They also touched on the market challenges currently facing the industry and how communication is key. Watch it here.

*Please note, the sound on this video begins at :30.