2021 Virtual National Roofing Day

Representatives from Johns Manville met with local government officials to discuss the future of the commercial roofing industry. Roofing Day in D.C. is our main advocacy event of the year. Representatives from Colorado, California and Texas joined in on National Roofing Day discussions. All segments of the roofing industry, including contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and consultants participated.  

In Colorado, there was a great turnout with up to 20 people attending each session. Small groups met with nearly 300 Congressional offices throughout the day. While JM-ers met mostly with staffers, there were a few such as Jason Crow, Colorado Senator/Congressman, who participated in person. Thank you, Jason, for your support in our industry.

Three main topics were discussed during the meetings:

  1. Support robust Perkins State Grants for career and technical education funding – Unfortunately, during the past decade, appropriations for CTE have not kept pace with growing demand in a rapidly changing economy. Funding for Perkins State Grants has not even kept pace with inflation. Further, the amount of federal funding dedicated to CTE pales in comparison with funding provided for attendance at four-year colleges. 
  2. Co-sponsor the Energy Efficient Qualified Improvement Property (E-QUIP) Act and urge its inclusion as part of a strong buildings’ component of 2021 infrastructure legislation. 
  3. Support immigration reform that meets the workforce needs of the roofing industry and allows qualified DACA and TPS individuals to obtain lawful permanent status. 


It was impressive to see the diversity of participants in National Roofing Day. Workers personally affected by DACA and the immigration issues the United States and our industry face were on the calls. Many women in large numbers and young professionals were on the calls to discuss how the Perkins Grant can fund education. This kind of representation, these personal stories and the excellent talking points outlined by the NRCA showed our representatives that roofing is a professional, family-sustaining trade option that needs policy support to continue thriving and to build America’s infrastructure for the future. The roofing industry is an essential $100 billion+ sector with at least 725,000 individuals employed among roofing contractors and subcontractors in the United States alone. That means, on average, that each congressional district has over 1,600 individuals employed in the roofing industry. JM is proud to support this industry and take part in ensuring a strong future for our employees and customers.

Photo credit: Jennifer Stone, JM Preferred Accounts Manager, meets with Office Director, Matt Reed, on Roofing Day at the McClintock Office in California.